Truck drivers demonstrate over delays at Tema Port

A solid line of eighteen-wheelers barrel down an interstate highway in Tennessee. Heat waves rising from the pavement give a nice shimmering effect to vehicles and trees behind the lead truck.

Drivers at the Tema port are on a strike and refusing to scan their containers and even those in the process have halted, as they claim the process takes too long (2-3 hours) and this is due to scanners inefficiency and inaccuracy. They bitterly complained about how narrow the scanners are and how they are ruining their tyres. They are of the view that the old scanners they were using were far better than the new ones being used now.

It has been reported that delayed scanning processes at MPS is due to images not populating promptly from the server to the scan box systems. And this is mostly as a result of the scanner not being able to pick up images when the car is not moving at the expected speed. To the extent that the drivers have to sometimes call in the agents to rectify certain documentations.

They claim the process from loading to finally getting a verdict takes much longer than expected. And they keep insisting there is no reason for scanning, as the boxes will certainly be opened for a physical inspection upon being sent to the platform.

Also the drivers are bitterly complaining about the frequency of missing waybills which hinders productivity.

Source: Odomankoma News

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