An increase in crew cost from 10 – 15% this year due to Covid-19

According to consultants Drewry, there is going to be an increase in crew costs this year in the margin of 10 – 15% due to the covid-19 pandemic. Rhett Harris, working with Drewry on surveying and consulting, told CrewConnect Europe Virtual Event: “We are expecting the impact of covid-19 to be significant this year with somewhere in the region of 10 -15% additional to a normal year’s manning cost.”

Harris as well abstracted the seven key areas which are resulting in the estimated 10 – 15% rise in cost this year, with which greater portion is related to the difficulties owners and managers are facing in crew change-over which has developed into crisis over the last six months. His survey was to find companies who are very strong to keep seafarers employed within the restraint of budget.

He mentioned the seven key areas as cost of PPEs for vessels, crew welfare for seafarers stuck on board, Covid-19 tests for both embarking and disembarking seafarers, additional hotel cost for seafarers waiting to return home, seafarers working far beyond the contracted period on board, among others.

“It’s definitely a very high cost for companies to bear,” Harris said.

Source: Seatrade maritime news

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