Five international cargo groups collaborate to promote container safety standards

The Containers Owners Association, Global Shippers Forum, International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association, TT Club and World Shipping Council are working together on the adoption and operation of safety practices throughout the world’s supply chain.

These five international freight transport and cargo handling organizations are collaborating on creating a new guidance on packing standards for freight containers and other cargo transport components. Creating awareness and extensive use of the IMO/ILO/UNECE CTU codes is the main objective of the collaboration.

“Often overlooked is that CTU code also deal with supply chain parties’ responsibilities to minimize visible pest contamination from containers and their cargoes. It is therefore appropriate that the material we are publishing draws attention to this important issue, stressing that minimizing pest contamination of containers and their cargoes is a shared responsibility,” Mr. Ernst-Frederiksen of the Containers Owners association said.

The group is certain that with diligent compliance, consistency and extensive use of the CTU codes by all parties worldwide within the CTU supply chains would significantly decrease these types of occurrences.

Source: Seatrade maritime news

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