CEMLAWS reveals Disturbing trends of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Piracy on sea

The emerging trends of pirate activities especially in the Gulf of Guinea continues to be a major threat to vessels that transit the region. With Ghana along the Gulf of Guinea, the country’s waters are not spared from pirate activities.

Speaking on Eye on Port; a designated program on the Maritime Industry of Ghana on the 20th September 2020, Dr. Kamal-Deen Ali, a Retired Naval Captain and the Executive Director of the Centre for Maritime Law and Security (CEMLAWS) has revealed the alarming trends of pirate attacks within the Gulf region in its new report. According to Dr. Kamal-Deen, “as the month of August came to an end, pirates registered their presence in Ghana’s Exclusive Economic Zone, with an attack on the Ghanaian-flag fishing vessel AP 703 where two foreign crew members were kidnapped.”

According to him, the spread of pirates across the sub region in 2020 is very alarming and the highest since 2008. Again, he revealed that CEMLAWS found in its recent report that the Niger Delta is the number one breeding grounds for organized piracy syndicates and is unclear, the powers that support the highly sophisticated, technologically advanced and heavily financially resourced organized sea crime.

He explained further that “These pirates are using smaller speedboats. Classically when pirates are able to take vessels deeper into the sea, they do that with the help of a mother ship. The pirates have been able to redesign their operations in such a way that they use a number of speedboats that reinforce each other, some carrying their supplies and logistics, which allow them to take vessels further,”.

Source: Eye on Port

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