Clearing agents advised to be cautious in their dealings with importers.

The National Security Liaison at the Port of Tema, Sub. Lt Christian Kofi Tettey has cautioned clearing agents to be circumspect and professional in their dealings with importers in order not to be used as unsuspecting accomplices to illegalities such as the importation of contraband goods into the country. Speaking on Eye on Port in relation to the subject “Security at Ghana’s ports”, Sub. Lt Tettey said it is in the best interest of clearing agents to scrutinize the documents pertaining to imported cargoes and verify them.

According to him, with agents serving as representatives of importers, when an interception of contraband cargo is made in the port, and there is difficulty in retrieving the importer, the agent would be the point of contact for investigations until they trace the actual importer. “For the agent, you have to ensure that what your client is bringing in is good, else you will suffer the consequences of it,” he said.

Speaking on the same program, the Chief Revenue Officer in charge of Preventive at the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Dunstan Ayamga, emphasized the need for innocent clearing agents to know the identities and genuine addresses of their clients, so that in the case of investigations of this magnitude, they can help security officials bust these importers and relieve themselves.

Source: Eye on Port

Louis Gyan Kofi
Author: Louis Gyan Kofi

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