GreenSteam launches new app for efficient and accurate data collection and measurement of fuel consumption for the shipping industry.

GreenSteam: Data accuracy and reliability are key to efficient vessel performance monitoring. Inaccurate data recording can hide costly issues in vessel performance such as excessive fuel consumption and hinder vessel optimization, as operation teams are forced to make decisions based on unsound data.

GreenSteam, a leading provider of vessel performance optimization solutions for the shipping industry, announced the launch of GreenSteam Capture, a new mobile app designed to automatically log and upload fuel consumption data and reduce errors in fuel consumption reporting. This step was taken after GreenSteam had gathered information from a study conducted that, over 30% of noon reports are unusable due to errors, and 19% of “on-voyage” reports are unusable due to poor data, such as duplicate readings, missing steaming hours, overlapping reports, blank input, or impossibly high or low readings. This inaccurate information provides a false picture of performance and its resulting decisions.

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For ship owners, unreliable data collection and recording can lead to over- or underreporting of fuel consumption, which impacts the attractiveness of their vessels to charter parties. In turn, deciphering inaccurate or incomplete fuel reports is inefficient and can lead to unproductive disputes.

GreenSteam Capture uses optical character recognition technology to automatically record and time stamp flow meter readings. When combined with bunker delivery information, the app can accurately calculate hourly fuel consumption data for any vessel. Unlike automatic data-logging solutions, GreenSteam Capture is low cost and requires no downtime for installation of hardware. The app can be accessed via tablets which can be easily transferred between time charter ships, with information sent directly to shore. It can send data to GreenSteam’s AI platform and trigger configurable Smart Alerts, providing operators, owners and charterers with real-time notifications that target factors affecting vessel performance.

Simon Whitford, Chief Executive Officer, GreenSteam commented: “Inaccuracies in fuel consumption data can lead to major discrepancies between what is reported, and how much fuel is actually burned. Data precision is at the heart of GreenSteam’s accurate AI models for each vessel, which are essential for optimal decisions around vessel speed, hull cleaning and trim.”

Source: Hellenic Shipping News

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