Charcoal as wood-fuels used in Ghana serves as very important energy source for households. Considering its importance and usage as domestic and metallurgic fuel, makes it a great source to look at for trade and revenue. Below is a well-structured procedure involved in the exportation of Charcoal in Ghana.

Guidelines for the exportation of charcoal consist of two stages:

Stage 1. Acquisition of Charcoal production license.

Stage 2. Acquisition of Charcoal export permit.

Acquisition of Charcoal production license.

Acquisition of license begins with Submission of an application form with the following documents to obtain a Charcoal Production license:

  • Company Registration and locational address;
  • Principal Officers, Director and Partners, and their qualifications;
  • Business Plan / Company Profile;
  • An Environmental Permit/Certificate issued by the EPA;
  • Site plan, and location of charcoal production site;
  • Location and source of wood for the charcoal indicating whether sawmill residue, offcuts, etc.;
  • Agreement with respect to supply of wood waste or a certification letter from the Forestry Commission indicating the right of use of forest/woodlot planted for this purpose;
  • The proposed carbonization technology and its efficiency and/or yield by weight;
  • Receipt of Initial License Fee.

2. Site Visit

An inspection team from the Energy Commission will visit your production site to confirm the source of feedstock and the carbonization technology being used. These two parameters will be used to calculate the quota for the quantity of charcoal that can be exported within the duration of the license validity.

3. The Board of the Energy Commission will grant the Charcoal Production License to the applicant upon the successful completion of the application process in (1) and (2) above.


The grant of a Charcoal Production license does not authorize the Licensee to export any consignment of charcoal produced.

Source: Ghana Shippers Authority.

Louis Gyan Kofi
Author: Louis Gyan Kofi

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