ICUMS has improved operations drastically – Importers and Exporters Association

Sampson Awingobit Asaki, the Executive Secretary of the Ghana Importers and Exporters Association, has commended the management of Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS) for the strategies they put in place to address the challenges importers and exporters face at the ports.

In an interview, Mr. Asaki indicated that the Association can bear witness to this since clearing of goods at the ports has been made pretty easier as compared to the time the system was rolled out about seven months ago.

While commending the management of ICUMS, he said, “they have done their best I must say. Lot of the issues they were getting the complaints about have been restored even though I see one or two complaints, that is in regards to those who clear vehicles at the port with the system called the Vehicle Calculator. I still see agents complaining about that.”

Mr. Asaki also stated that though some concerns have been raised by persons who clear cars at the port, their worries have been forwarded to those in charge and have promised to work on it as soon as possible so business remains brisk at the port.

“I also see the ICUMS systems saying that they’re working to perfect that system so definitely as we go along, there will be issues that will be raised and the agents will prompt those agencies responsible of rectifying it will work on it. I can tell you confidently that major issues have been resolved and we are going forward smoothly,” he added.

Source: Ghana web

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