Communication expert urges women to aspire for key leadership positions in the Maritime sector

Renowned communication expert and CEO of Stratcomm Esther Cobbah has urged women within the maritime industry in Ghana to aspire for key leadership positions.

Speaking at a ‘Gender Mainstreaming in Ghana’s Marine Sector’ dialogue organized by the Gulf of Guinea maritime institute (GoGMI), she stressed the need for women to acquire better understanding on the blue economy and position themselves strategically to harness its endless opportunities.

Adding that it is a known fact that, the majority of women in Ghana’s marine sector are found in the fisheries industry, specializing in fish trade and processing, and a few others venturing into modern maritime occupations, usually perceived to be ‘masculine’ fields.

Madam Esther Cobbah

This trend, Madam Cobbah attributed to the traditional notion of what women can do in society and the various barriers created for women as a result of this. Numerous opportunities existing both onshore and offshore, including Port operations, Navigation, Tourism, Engineering and Freight-forwarding, were enumerated as areas women could build their capacities in and contribute tremendously to as their male counterparts do.

For her part the President of Women in Maritime of West and Central Africa (WIMOWCA) Sylvia Asana Owu noted that a better understanding of the diverse opportunities stemming from investing in Ghana’s marine spaces can lead to full exploitation and proper management of our “blue” resources to foster sustainable development and wealth creation. Women have an unparalleled opportunity to drive the industrialization of Ghana’s marine estate in the “blue economy” paradigm.

President of National Fish Processors and Traders Association NAPFTA, Regina Solomon highlighted some of the major challenges women in fisheries were facing, such as lack of clear career paths for women studying marine-related courses, limited training and skills development for women in the marine sector, especially in fisheries, low advocacy on various maritime business opportunities and lack of structures for developing maritime businesses for women.

The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute (GoGMI) is a ‘think-tank’ for maritime strategic thinkers, practitioners, and allies to interact, share ideas and research into strategic maritime affairs affecting the GoG Region.

Source: Ghanaweb

Louis Gyan Kofi
Author: Louis Gyan Kofi

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