LNG-Fueled FSRU to Provide Clean Power in Africa

Sembcorp Marine in Singapore recently delivered the first Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) using liquefied natural gas which will be used to provide a cleaner, environmental solution while providing electricity in West Africa. The vessel, known as the Karmol LNGT Africa will be operated by KARMOL, a joint venture between Karpowership and Mitsui OSK Lines.

The FSRU is expected to depart Singapore in early April. It is anticipated that it will arrive in Senegal in mid-May, with operations planned to begin in June. The Senegal FSRU is the first of two vessels that Sembcorp Marine is developing for KARMOL. Each will have a capacity of 125,000 cubic meters.

“This is a big moment for West Africa and the wider continent, and an exciting time for KARMOL,” said board member Gokhan Kocak. “We have a bold ambition to offer LNG to Power across the world and especially within Africa. Usage of this FSRUs means we can unlock the benefits of clean and affordable electricity for millions of people, even where countries have no domestic gas production or infrastructure.”

KARMOL’s unique technology means a combination of Powerships and the FSRU’s will bring LNG to power countries with no domestic gas supply. The company plans to switch its entire fleet of Powerships to LNG to add a sustainable and affordable component to its operations.

The second FSRU, which is already under construction, is planned for deployment to Mozambique.

Source: Maritime Executive

Louis Gyan Kofi
Author: Louis Gyan Kofi

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