Pirate attack on fishing vessel averted by the Navy

The Ghana Navy has successfully warded off a pirate attack on a tuna fishing vessel named AFKO 805 operating 105 nautical miles south of Aflao.

According to a press release by the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) on Monday, October 11, the piracy attack on the fishing vessel was foiled without any casualty to the vessel and its crew.

The piracy situation in the Gulf of Guinea has created a sense of insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea region. In Ghana, the Navy has strived to maintain adequate security at sea to enable a conducive maritime environment for national development.

Fishing vessels have often fallen prey to pirates within the region and in view of that, the Ghana Navy in recent times has doubled its patrols at sea to curb the numerous piracy attacks in the Gulf of Guinea making the zone one of the safest in the Region.

“The Ghana Navy assures all vessels and their operators within our maritime domain of our eagerness to protect all those engaged in legal businesses and also accost all those engaged in illegalities,” said the Navy.

Source: Norvan Reports

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