IMO Supports Namibia in developing a legal framework to strengthen Maritime Security

Maritime security support for Namibia

Maritime security support for Namibia (Image Source: IMO)

IMO is assisting Namibia’s maritime administration to put in place a legal framework that gives full and complete effect to IMO instruments dealing with maritime security. A five-day workshop (20-24 June) hosted by the Namibian Directorate of Maritime Affairs (DMA), in Walvis Bay, Namibia, is bringing together 26 participants from key national agencies.

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The event, which included a site visit to the Port of Walvis Bay, marks IMO’s first visit to Namibia under the EU Port Security Project. It is anticipated that future workshops will involve further collaboration between implementing partners IMO, UNODC and INTERPOL, with coordination from the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) and funded by the European Union.

The Office of the Attorney General; Office of the Prosecutor General; Ministry of Defence; Ministry of Home Affairs; Namibian Ports Authority (NAMPORT); Ministry of Environment; Forestry and Tourism; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources; Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Source: IMO

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