IMO, WISTA and Maritime SheEO are inviting enrolments for the second cohort of the Leadership Accelerator Program (LEAP)

MO, WISTA and Maritime SheEO Maritime Leadership and Accelerator Program

MO, WISTA and Maritime SheEO Maritime Leadership and Accelerator Program (Image Source: WISTA)

International Maritime Organization – IMO and Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association signed an MoU on 27 Jan 2020, agreeing to work together to explore and, where feasible, develop specific areas of cooperation in accordance with their organizational and programmatic objectives. One area of collaboration that satisfies the goals of this MoU is a leadership accelerator program.

WISTA and the IMO are working together with the Maritime SheEO to deliver the 2nd Leadership Accelerator Program to members of Women in Maritime Associations and National WISTA Associations.

The Maritime SheEO leadership accelerator program was specially curated and designed with the objective to:

1. Offer management knowledge and skills to help women in the maritime industry move to leadership roles.

2. Enable women to become part of an active and trustworthy network of female executives who support and inspire each other along their leadership journey.

This program aims to equip women with the right skills to enable them to rise to leadership positions. The industry needs more women leaders, and this will also help create more role models and pave the way for more women to enter and aspire to apply for Board positions.

We are pleased to call for applications to this program.

WISTA and WIMA members can apply directly using the below link:

Application Form

The deadline for applications is 22nd August 2022.
Source: WISTA International

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