The CMA CGM Group renews partnership with Plastic Flamingo to mitigate plastic pollution

The CMA CGM Group renews partnership with Plastic Flamingo to mitigate plastic pollution

The CMA CGM Group renews partnership with Plastic Flamingo to mitigate plastic pollution

The CMA CGM Group, a global player in sea, land, air and logistics solutions, and the Plastic Flamingo (PLAF), announced the renewal of a 3-year partnership to collect and upcycle 600 metric tons of plastic waste from the streets, coastlines and the heavily plastic polluted River Pasig in Metro Manila, Phillipines. This marks an annual plastic collection of 200 metric tons, up from 120 metric tons that the CMA CGM-PLAF partnership blocked from leaking into the ocean in the past year. The CMA CGM Group and PLAF launched their partnership in 2021 to fight plastic pollution in the Philippines, where single-use plastics are a major source of ocean pollution.

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Accounting for and responsibly managing collected plastic waste after collection

The renewed partnership adds resources to PLAF’s capacity to collect and upcycle riverine plastics which require more rigorous cleaning and handling to separate them from marine debris before the upcycling process. With this, riverine plastics joins the hard-to-recycle plastic sachets on the CMA CGM-funded recycling line to be transformed into eco-planks and boards among others. As PLAF markets these products that are used to build shelters, boardwalks and furniture, the social enterprise is widening its product range to stimulate market demand for recycled plastic products; and enhance the circular plastic economy.

The two-prong approach in mitigating river and land-based plastic pollution – i.e. by collecting and upcycling – demonstrates the two partners commitment to account for and responsibly manage the plastics retrieved from the environment.

Continuing to create employment and involve community in plastic waste reduction

As the CMA CGM-PLAF collaboration further reduces plastic pollution, it continues to generate the important income source for PLAF’s network of shops and waste collectors; and support local employment at PLAF’s factory in Muntinlupa.

The PLAF will now also involve the community in retrieving plastics from the coastlines. Other land based used plastics can be deposited at collection points such as shops, schools, villages, offices and accessible drop-off points. CMA CGM and CEVA Logistics employees based in Metro Manila are also contributing their used plastics at their offices and warehouses where the PLAF regularly picks them up to its upcycling factory.

CMA CGM committed to fight plastic pollution and protect the environment

In the fight against plastic pollution, the CMA CGM Group remains steadfast in not transporting plastic waste on any of its vessels. With this, CMA CGM deters such waste from being exported to destinations where sorting, recycling, or recovery cannot be assured.

Powering on to be a Net Zero Carbon company by 2050, the CMA CGM Group pioneers in the use of biofuel, LNG and bio-methane as transitional fuels in its vessels, while the search for zero carbon solutions at scale continues.

The CMA CGM Group recently announced the creation of a USD1.5 billion Special Fund for Energies to accelerate its energy transition. The Fund will be structured around four areas of focus:

Supporting the development and production of renewable fuels;
Accelerating the decarbonisation of port terminals, warehouses and truck fleets;
Supporting, trialing and launching projects at the cutting edge of innovation; and
Pursuing energy savings and improving the energy efficiency of CMA CGM employee working methods and daily mobility.

Laurent Olmeta, Chief Executive Officer CMA CGM Asia Pacific Ltd said, “Our renewed partnership with the PLAF demonstrates our commitment to reduce plastic waste pollution in Better Ways. We are already committed not to ship plastic waste across the oceans. Our extended collaboration will take the CMA CGM Group further in our cause to protect our environment and oceans; and empower our communities.”

Francois Lesage, Founder of the PLAF said, “We are very honoured to have the trust of the CMA CGM Group through the 3-year extension of our joint program in tackling river and marine plastic pollution in the Philippines. As a French entrepreneur, I am very pleased to partner with such a great company to make a difference in preserving the world’s oceans.”
Source: CMA CGM

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